No Pain No Gain


I don’t care who sees us,
I want you now.

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Breathe in the breath of life, all the way to the bottom of your stomach, inhale peace and exhale chaos.

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I couldn’t be prouder of my big brotha. LKS Łomża


Brotha, growing up we use to see each other all the time. Some days we probably even saw more of each other than we wanted to. These days there’s no way I could take our time together for granted. It’s not given anymore, it’s a gift. Our laughter is a gift, our history is a gift and so are you. With your perseverance and willingness to strive forward there is no doubt in my mind you WILL do well. Parting ways has been the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do but I know you’ll always be with me. It’s still and will always be me and you against the world.

Last night with this guy ✈️🇩🇪

Diaper dayz

Merry Christmas from the birthday boy Mylo

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